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Rec Pad



Mon-Fri: 10-12 Open Skating Only
3-5 Open Hockey Only
5-7 Open Skating Only

Sat & Sun: 11-2 Open Skating Only
2-4 Open Hockey Only
4-7 Open Skating Only
7-10 Open Hockey Only

Ice Rink Rules

-CSA hockey helmets are required for those under 18 years of age, or for anyone playing hockey or shinny.
-A cage, neck and mouth guard are recommended
-The parking lot can be very slippery, always wear proper footwear and walk with extreme care
-There is no body contact allowed
-Please help clearing the ice of snow and shavings when you are done.


A spot does not need to be booked to use the ice but we ask that everyone respect the times that others have booked. Please share the ice with others as well. (Even if you have it booked)
Just send a message to this page to book a spot.
Check this page to see if the ice is open and to see if anyone has the ice booked before you head out to skate.
Please do not use the ice if the rink is closed. If this site says it is open but the ice is not frozen please don't use the ice and send a message to this page.